February 12, 2019
Meeting Minutes
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                                                                               FEBRUARY 12, 2019
                                                                      CULVER MEETING MINUTES
PRESENT:  Mayor: Jim Murphy, Council Members: Debra Bechard, Richard Peet, Art Webb, Renee
Mattison, Water/Treasurer:  Carol Murphy, City Clerk:  Lou Ann Inscho    ABSENT:  Sarah Weis                                     


Jim Murphy, mayor, called the meeting to order.  The council read the minutes.  Deb made a motion to accept the
minutes.  Art 2nd, motion carried.  Art made a motion to accept the Special meeting February 3, 2019.  Rich 2nd, motion

PUBLIC CONCERNS:  Burning at night reported by Art and Lou Ann.  Placing copies of the burn ordinance in a box at
water drop off.  Renee will place a notice on web site.

OLD BUSINESS:  Lou Ann is still working on Thompson and Ritten bills.  Waiting for warmer weather to dig holes for posts
around propane tank.

WATER REPORT:  The water department turned off #729, they paid and it was turned back on.  #756 caught up.  There
were 5 bills that are late.  February 20, 2019 for a water training in Salina that Carol and Jim are going to.  There is
another training in Beloit on March 7, 2019 4-8, dinner provided.  

CLERK REPORT:  Art gave Lou Ann $40.00 for gas to Emporia.  Dog problem tabled to next month.   

READING OF THE BILLS:  Jim read the bills.  Art made a motion to pay the bills.  Rich 2nd, motion carried.  

PARK:  Renee finished up paper work for park mulch grant.

NEW BUSINESS:  The council said Lou Ann can fill out KDHE Mosquito survey.  Rich asked about the price of rock.  

Renee made a motion to charge $35.00 a ton delivered and spread.  Rich 2nd, motion carried.  Rich wants to get rid of
big pile of dirt in the center of the park.  Rich made a motion to give it away.  If anyone wants it delivered the cost is the
$35 @ hr. equipment charge.  Renee 2nd, motion carried.

Deb made a motion to adjourn.  Rich 2nd, motion carried.  Meeting adjourned.      
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