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    Culver was incorporated in 1909. It was to be a city of the third class and be
    known by the name of "The city of Culver". The inhabitants at that time were
    given to number 300.

    The Culver High School was started in 1903 by Rube Applebaugh. He taught
    two years there. The IOOF Hall was built in 1913.

    There is one important building left in Culver. It is built of cement and is about 8
    ft. by 9 ft. in size, with one small barred window and one sturdy metal door. This
    building is the jail which in forty years has only had two occupants, one dog and
    one man. The dog, belonging to Rube Applebough was set upon by by a pack of
    dogs and put in jail by Frank Gray, who was Marshall of Culver at the time, to
    protect it until the owner could claim it. The man jailed was a harvest hand who
    got drunk. He was locked in the jail to sober up, but it was almost more trouble
    than it was worth. He broke out and had to be chased, caught, and re-jailed.

    So the Jail echoes to silence year in and year out, except on occasion when, so
    "they say" - some men of the town gather there to play cards. It's quiet in there
    so they can concentrate.

    The fire house is a quaint structure with an old fashioned steeple and a big fire
    bell. In the fire house there used to be an ancient fire cart. When there was a
    fire, the fire bell was rung and then some of the men would come running to get
    the heavy fir wagon. They had to pull it by hand. "The fire wagon saved a
    restaurant back in the days before World War One," said Marshal Gray. There
    was an accident that occurred with it. The men were on their way to put out a
    fire at the time, in the excitement, a man was knocked down and run over by the

    According to the July 8, 1915 issue of the Culver Record, Carl Judge was
    Publisher, and H.L. Perdersen was Editor and Manager. The rate of a
    subscription was $1.00 in advance. The paper was 75 cents for a year, extra
    copies were 2 cents each and sample copies were free.
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