January 8, 2019
Meeting Minutes
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                                                                                               JANUARY 8, 2019
                                                                                      CULVER MEETING MINUTES
PRESENT:  Mayor: Jim Murphy, Council Members: Debra Bechard, Renee Mattison, Richard Peet, Art Webb, Sarah
Weis, Water/Treasurer:  Carol Murphy, City Clerk:  Lou Ann Inscho    ABSENT:          

VISITORS:  Bill Bechard, Janet Castillo, Barb Peet  

Jim Murphy, the mayor called the meeting to order.  Art made a motion to accept the minutes.  Rich 2nd, motion

PUBLIC CONCERN:  Residency issues with Sarah Weis.  The council is discussing ouster proceedings.
Sarah not feeling well left the meeting at 7:15. Lou Ann handed copies of e-mails from LKM and Mary Arganbright.  
Richard Buck called and answered questions.  Renee made a motion to authorize the county attorney, Richard Buck
to look into the residency issue.  Art 2nd, Art Rich and Renee voted yea.  Deb voted nay.  Motion carried.

OLD BUSINESS:  Lou Ann will work on Thompson’s invoice for their water line.  Jim and Rich will turn in backhoe
hours and Lou Ann will send an invoice to Renee Ritten.  Rich made a motion to sign the Minneapolis Impound
agreement.  Art 2nd, motion carried.  Lou Ann will contact Danny Huehl to move trailer out of town.

WATER REPORT:  The water department shut off #729 meter for nonpayment.  Meter #756 will be shut off on the
1/21/2019 if not paid.  Meter #727 wants water turned on.  The council looked over our guide lines and they can
have water turned on if past bill and connection fee is paid in full.  The council will begin working on the water rules
and guide lines.

CLERK REPORT:  Carol and Lou Ann need permission to cash in a CD to pay for the millings.  The city bought all
the screened millings APAC had at the time.  There are a few roads that need work.  Sharon had asked for rock for
her drive.  Jim will work on getting that done.  Lou Ann talked about the year end totals.  She checked with
Bennington and they upload their minutes after the minutes are approved.

READING OF THE BILLS:  Art made a motion to pay the bills.  Rich 2nd, motion carried.

NEW BUSINESS:  Central Ag requires posts or blocks around the propane tank at city hall.  Rich and Jim discussed
what to do.  Deb liked the elevator had painted their posts yellow.

Deb made a motion to adjourn.  Art 2nd, motion carried.  Meeting adjourned.     
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