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The new water treatment plant is up and running, though not without a few glitches. Mark Smith, Certified Water Operator from
Minneapolis, has been contracted by the city to supervise the water treatment for this year per regulations. He told us to expect it to
take about a year to get the kinks worked out.
Our engineer reported to us that we will likely be starting the Kan-Step project during May. When we get close to that time we will be
calling a public meeting to let everyone know what is going on and to make plans to proceed
At the March council meeting it was asked if homeowners are going to be able to apply for any grant money to upgrade the old
fragile plumbing in their homes prior to the pressure being turned up. First of all, the pressure will not be turned up until the Kan-Step
is finished. I did inquire about these grants, and learned that since we are in a flood plain we will not qualify for home improvement
grant money. (We could qualify for grant money for energy conservation improvements to our homes, with a few stipulations). What
homeowners can do before the water project is finished, if they fear the increased pressure, is install a pressure reducer on their
water line coming inside their home.

We are being kept busy with continuous complaints of animals running loose, barking, growling and nipping at people (including
children), or going potty in neighbor's yards. We know you love your animals and maybe your neighbors
say they do too. However, it
is wrong to allow your animal to impose on the rights of others in the community, therefore you can be fined for allowing your pet to
roam at large. A dog that would growl, threaten, or bite at a person is considered a vicious animal and this is grounds to have the
dog disposed of. Please exercise your animals regularly, but on a leash with you following it.
Since we do not have an animal control officer, if you see an animal running at large, please contact the owner if possible. Then call
City Hall, a city employee, or a council member and report it. Repeat offenders will be given a written warning, and then probably a

Burn Ban:
Ottawa County, including Culver, is in a burn ban until further notice. Inside the city we have allowed burn barrels even during burn
bans, but it is so dry now that is obviously very dangerous. If you must burn,
the barrel must be covered with a screen, you must stay
with the barrel while your trash is burning, and you must have a water hose that is primed and ready nearby. Violators of the burn
ban can be fined up to $2500.
You can haul your household trash to the Ottawa County Landfill and dump there for no cost, but your vehicle should have an
Ottawa Co. tag, or take a copy of your Culver utility bill to prove your address. There are also two trash services serving Culver:
Minneapolis Refuse and Salina Waste Systems.

Free Dump Days:
April 28th through May 3rd at the Ottawa County Landfill. No landfill fees. No business trash. The can take demolition material.
During this week
tires can be taken to the county shop in Minneapolis for no charge.
You are also welcome to take advantage of the e-waste day in Salina, most items are accepted free. MRC-Midwest Recycling
Center, Saturday, May 10, 2014 - 9am to 1pm. Salina South High School, West parking lot 730 E Magnolia Rd.

Mayor's Easter Egg Hunt:
Thursday, April 17th, all children and their parents are invited down to the new city park area for the annual Easter Egg Hunt,
beginning at 5pm. Volunteers needed to donate candy and plastic eggs or small prizes (or even cash), to fill eggs, and to help hide
the eggs starting at 3:30pm. It was loads of fun last year--hope to see you all again this year!
And by the way, the Park Committee is meeting regularly and working on grant applications for the new park. If interested in helping,
please let us know. We are working to put a park together that would benefit all ages.

City of Culver Kansas Facebook page and website:
Culver resident Renee Smith has built a city website and new Facebook page for us. You can find the website at (if you are reading this from the website, you already found us) and the Facebook page is City of Culver
Kansas (you can click the Facebook icon at the bottom left of this page to go directly to City of Culver Kansas Facebook page). Be
watching for updates on the water project on the Facebook page. Renee would like to hear some stories of Culver from years past to
add to the website. At this time contact her through City Hall (785) 283-4238 (you can leave a message), or email her at

Carolyn Winebrenner
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