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A few of our ordinances for the people who live here,
and some highlights for those that are new to town.
  1. keeper, or harborer of such dog shall keep said dog from running at large, and shall keep
    Animals: Anyone wanting to bring It is unlawful for the owner or harborer of any dog to
    permit such dog to run at said dog confined on the horses must have ample space for said
    horses It is unlawful for the owner or harborer of any dog to permit such dog to run at and
    receive permission from the City Council.
  2. Burning: You must get a burning permit from the City; this includes leaves, tree branches,
    and household waste in an approved burn receptacle. Burning must be done during the
    daylight hours and on non-windy days. Burning is not allowed on City property, including
    streets and alleys.
  3. Vehicles: All-Terrain and off road vehicles: including, but not limited to, go-carts, dirt bikes,
    minibuses, dune buggies, motorized bicylcles, midget vehicles and any other motorized
    vehicles not required by law to have a license plates are prohibited from operating in the
    Culver city limits. Inoperable vehicles meaning vehicles that do not have a current state
    license plate or, when it is wrecked, junked, and dismantled are to be covered, enclosed in a
    garage, or behind a 6 ft. wooden fence.
  4. Property: When you tear down a building, you need to post a $100.00 bond that will be
    returned when the property is cleaned up and any holes are filled in. You must keep your
    property mowed and free from debris and trash. If you are constructing or moving a building
    into town there is a $10.00 building permit you need to obtain from the City. If you want to
    move in a trailer home you must receive permission from the City Council before moving it
    into town, this includes bringing pictures to the Council meeting.

For more information on ordinances, please contact Lou Ann Inscho, City Clerk and she will be happy to show
you the ordinances. After 5:00 p.m., the number is 785-282-4368 or her e-mail is culverclerk@twinvalley.net.
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