Special Meeting Feb 3, 2019
Meeting Minutes
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                                               SPECIAL MEETING FEBRUARY 3, 2019

                                                      CULVER MEETING MINUTES

PRESENT:  Mayor: Jim Murphy, Council Members: Debra Bechard, Renee Mattison, Richard Peet, Art
Webb, Water/Treasurer:  Carol Murphy, City Clerk:  Lou Ann Inscho    ABSENT:  Sarah Weis  
VISITORS:  Steven and Abby Velasquez, Bill Bechard, Floyd Murphy

Jim Murphy, mayor, called the meeting to order.  Lou Ann read the object of said meeting being to consider a request by
Steven Valesquez to bring in a trailer.

Steven showed to council his pictures.  Renee asked about bring in the trailer before approval was given.  Deb asked
what year it is and Steven said 1997.  He said he has bought siding.  Deb brought up trailers don’t bring in much taxes.  
Lou Ann and Rich went over flood regulations.  Art asked when would it be set.  Steven said Danny Huehl said Monday the
4th.  Steven was reminded he would have to provide the city with a height elevation certificate.   

Art made a motion allowing two months from February 3, 2019 to have the trailer set up resided and skirt following flood
regulations.  Renee 2nd, Art, Renee, Rich voted yea and Deb voted nay.  Motion carried.   

Renee made a motion to adjourn.  Rich 2nd, motion carried.  Meeting was adjourned.
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